How does Movie Therapy™ work?

Here's an example of how we use Movie Therapy™ to help people with their issues.

First, watch the scene taken from the movie, "Forrest Gump" where Jenny threw rocks at her old house...

Then, let us consider the following heart-searching questions:

a) What areas in your life are you throwing rocks at?
Sometimes we throw rocks in an attempt to sooth our past hurts. In the case of Jenny, she is throwing rocks at her painful past of being sexually abused by her father.

b) How do you throw rocks at yourself?
We throw rocks at our lives in different ways: eating (over-eating!), alcoholism, smoking, bad parenting, shopping, addiction, substance abuse, being critical and running people down, etc. "Sometimes (I guess) there just aren't enough rocks," Forrest said. Indeed, there will never be enough cigarettes, or drinks, or shopping...

c) Are you throwing rocks right now at someone else?

Perhaps it is your wife? Your child? Your parents? Your co-worker? Your friend? Or any significant other?

Forrest made an insightful statement, "Sometimes (I guess) there just aren't enough rocks." In life, sometimes there aren't enough rocks, or perhaps we should not be throwing rocks. In order to move forward, we need to deal with the disturbing past issues instead of throwing rocks at them.

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